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This site was made by a group of students enrolled in a course on the history of modern Britain at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire.  The students involved are all History majors, all of whom are Europeanists.  The students are Adam Maltais, Maribeth Cote, Hannah Kelley,  and Jeremy Korth.  These students are entrenched in studies of European History and very knowledgeable in a variety of associated topics. Some contributions were also made by Amber Balog.

Two of these students, Jeremy Korth and Maribeth Cote, have also undertaken coursework in the specific area of history on the web.  They both have experience with the principles of website design and the ethical and moral question brought up by the advent of the internet, both in regards to the historical field specifically as well as the topic of online academics in general.

The vision of this website is to bring enlightenment to people with an interest in the British Empire, be they academics, students, or members of the general public.  If this site is to be used in research, its goal is to provide a useful, well cited, accurate, and reliable source of information.